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Arduino Mini CNC Plotter Making

Introduction by Görkem Kölsün

Hi dear İsmi Tekno English followers, this article I will tell you the construction of mini cnc Plotter. First of all, let’s learn briefly what is” cnc”; CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Makes automatic operations by programming with computer on cnc.

What Is Cnc? What Does Cnc Do?

“So what good is this machine, what can we do with it, the machine worth taking/doing?” I hear you ask. In short, this machine by inserting Laser, Drill Bit, pen tools, such as pyrography, PCB processing, calligraphy can do such works. Whether it is worth taking/doing will vary according to your work.

So if you’re dealing with electronics for hobby purposes, you don’t need to buy it. Because you can have more fun doing it yourself. however, the knowledge of hobby electronics may not be sufficient in sensitive jobs such as metal cutting, PCB processing, or pyrography, in such cases, you may need to purchase ready-made machines. You can also choose various companies for this.

According to the cnc we can move to the construction of mini cnc Plotter.


  • AdaFruit L293D engine Shield
  • Arduino UNO R3 *
  • Jumper Cable
  • Mini Servo (SG90 will come enough)
  • Thin Felt-Tip Pen
  • 2 DVD-Rom (computer player can find, no net price)
  • L293b Motor drive (optional)
  • Phone charger adapter and USB cable
  • Cylinder pipe in which the pen can move comfortably and not shake much. (You can do this by cutting the body of a ballpoint pen thicker than the pen you are going to use.)

Tools and equipment;

  • Soldering
  • Solder Wire
  • Hot Silicone Gun
  • Hot Silicone Wax Stick
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling
  • Tall screw
  • Screw-fit nuts and flakes
  • Bidirectional Band


First, remove the DVD-ROM’s chassis,

Let’s carefully dismantle the mechanism in the picture below, and solder jumper cables to the engines.

(Don’t throw away the remaining pieces, they’ll be used later)

Open 2 holes in the top side of the metal case left over from the DVD-ROM with a space of 0.1 mm and 1.7 cm equal to the sides, then open 2 more holes and screw the mechanism, again leaving a space of 7.9 cm from the top side with 1.7 cm from the sides.

(These parameters may vary according to your DVD-ROM stepper motor mechanism)

I fixed the Y-axis. The next one is X- axis.

Let’s open 2 holes so that there is a gap of 3.3 cm from the sides and 1.5 cm from the front, let’s open 2 more holes so that 3.3 cm from the sides stays 12.5 cm from the front and let’s fix the mechanism.

(These parameters may vary according to your DVD-ROM stepper motor mechanism)

I fixed it on the X-axis. The next Z-axis.

Let’s secure our Servo motor with horizontal bidirectional tape or hot silicone over the optical reader.

Then paste the cylinder pipe into the top of the Servon with hot silicone. Find the remaining parts of the DVD-Rom and create the cut as in the picture.

Thanks to this cut, we can easily hold this piece around the pen and it will be easy for us to change the pen at any time.

Place the pen in the cylinder pipe.

(Note: The Pen cylinder should be able to move comfortably down-up in the pipe and move as little as possible to the right-left. Because right-to-left oscillations can reduce the quality of the drawing.)

After the installation of the mechanical system is finished, let’s go to the installation of the electronic system;

First, put your Digital Multimeter into “diode Test” mode.

Find each other short-circuiting pins in the engine and connect them according to the diagram. (Short circuit pins in your engines may be different, you can find through trial and error.)

Connect the Servo motor to the SER1 jumpers on the Motor drive Board.

(Optionally, you can remove the L293D drivers from the Adafroit Motor Drive and replace them with the l239b. This increases the maximum amps that the engines can pull.)

Cut the end of the USB cable as shown in the illustration, open the end of the red and black cables, connect the red cable to the GND terminal on the motor drive +M, the black cable.

(Note: That it may not write +M on your card, first learn the aspects of your own card’s “EXT_PWR” terminals and do not connect the black cable to the GND line at the motor outputs, the reverse pole protection on the card is not connected to those terminals, the voltage from the opposite poles can burn to your card.)

Now that the electronic section is finished, let’s move to the Software section.;
First, download the necessary programs from the link below;

Required Programs

Subtract the RAR to the desktop and open an empty Arduino IDE,
Draft>Add library>.Click add ZIP Library

and ” adafruit-Adafruit-Motor-Shield “library-1.0.0-3-g99381df.after selecting the” zip “file, Press “Open”.

Enter the folder named “CNC_Arduino code” and select the INO file and install the software in Arduino.

“processing-3.3.6-windows64.remove the” zip “file to the desktop and run the program, enter the” mini CNC Processing code “folder, and discard the” mini_cnc ” folder to the desktop.

enter” mini_cnc “in the folder and select” mini_cnc.”run “pde “and press”OK” on the incoming screen.

Processing IDE will open,

String portname = ” COM5″; in the section, change Com5 to whatever port your own slate is at.
For example;
String portname = ” COM3”
String portname = ” COM6”

Then press the “Play” key on the top left and press the “G” key on your keyboard on the screen that comes as follows.

To test your CNC, you can use the drawings in the “case studies (Örnek Çalışmalar)” folder that RAR added to it.

How cnc plotter can use pictures on your computer with Inkspace .I’ll tell you in our next post that you can translate to the gcode extension.

Yes, friends told me about the construction of cnc plotter in this article, I hope it will be useful. Stay healthy.

(Perform the above procedures carefully and respectively, due to incorrect movement, if your Arduino card or USB port of your computer is damaged, our techno site is not responsible for the name. These steps have been attempted.)

You can ask your questions about cnc from İsmi Tekno Turkey Instagram account.

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