Woman Is Implanted With a Chip To Open Its Tesla Model 3

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Technology Woman Is Implanted With a Chip To Open Its Tesla Model 3

There are many ways to unlock a Tesla Model 3, a card, a key chain, or an application, but one owner found a new one with a biohack: implanting an RFID chip on her arm to unlock her Model 3 with it.


The software engineer, Amie DD, recently released a video showing how she “biohackized” her body by implanting the Tesla Model 3 RFID chip, which she injected into her arm.

While it may seem crazy to inject a piece of technology under the skin, it’s actually similar to the implants we inject to pets to identify them.

Amie already had an RFID chip implanted in her hand and thought she could transfer the information from her Tesla card to her chip, but Tesla’s security systems prevented it.

Instead, it simply dissolved a card that already worked with its Model 3 and recovered the RFID chip.

Since Tesla’s chips are fairly secure, Amie had to adjust his original plan to copy his software into his existing RFID chip and install the Tesla chip on his arm as a second bioimplant.

After that, he packaged the chip in a smaller format and encapsulated it into a biopolymer that could be implanted inside his arm.

He then approached with a body modification expert named Pineapple to safely implant the chip into his right arm.

Amie’s experience goes far beyond turning his valet Tesla Model 3 key into a bio-magnet. She is a self-scribe, constructor and “Magic Unicorn software engineer” whose projects include 3D printing, electronics and cosplay costumes and accessory design.

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